You’re sexy

You are sensual by nature, without even knowing it. You are sensual when you are confident, when you own what you say. When you say please, even though you know that everything is already yours. When you walk through the present without scruples.

Your honesty is sexy, and your clear way of setting limits. You are sexy because you arrived without trying to cover ground. You arrived without needing to flaunt your virtues, without being a monotheme, without wanting to fill the silences with noise.

You are sensual in my eyes because you have shown honest interest, and you have maintained assertive communication, validating that you are a person who is consistent in what you say. You let me see your imperfections. Transparency is one of your qualities. That is of great value to me.

You are especially sensual because you have shared very personal experiences with me, you are proud of what you have experienced. This automatically makes you a strong person.

Your kindness in talking about your past has made it possible for me to talk about things I never talk about. You have opened the airtight boot of feelings. You have broken that barrier. More than sexy, it’s magic.

You are sexy to me because you have managed my tantrums, my miscommunications, you have been making your way through the storm, very gently. You make me feel understood. Far from feeling vulnerable, you make me want to share more of myself with you.

You are sexy because you laugh out loud, you don’t hesitate to praise when something is good, and to ask questions when you are confused. You are a curious person, full of good vibes.

You are sexy in my eyes, because you are literally connected to my feelings. I shiver every inch of you, you have my imagination flying away. Just one sound of your voice is enough to give me goosebumps. A single gesture is enough to set all my lives abruptly on fire. I love the way you touch, the way you kiss, the way you moan. You have taken over my every thought with delicacy, with class. You have tinged every inch of my plans with passion, I have my world dancing in different directions, looking for the beat, seeking to integrate your existence into mine.

You are sensual because you fearlessly give love to those around you. You value who you share your time with, and you are grateful for life. That is extremely sexy.

You are sexy because there have been no barriers to your desire to grow on me. I love your spontaneity, you are beautiful from the simplest feelings to the most whimsical anger. I love that you are fair when you need to be, and flexible when I need to be heard, even if not a sound comes out of my mouth.

You’re super sexy, my body knows it, and it responds to your signals in an openly wild way. You’re sexy, my mind knows it, I burn all over at your most innocent gesture. The same innocence that knows how to be fiercely assertive. You have my neurons, my hormones, visiting other spheres, discovering dimensions, creating new lives.

You make me laugh sincerely, I throb with interest in you. I love the way you make me nervous, the way my body and my illusions look you in the eyes. I’ve been completely disarmed by the way you managed to take my mind off the film; off the routine; off the distance.

I want to do the unthinkable with you. I want the best version of me on your lips. I want to love, to feel you. I want us to become water, to evaporate with passion. Let’s disappear in a sound, I want to smell each one of your heartbeats. I want to savour everything that we have spontaneously harvested.

I want you discovering new horizons on my skin, new endings, new beginnings. I want you full of energy, unabashed, as you are now. I want more of you, to know very slowly your whole story.

I want you happy. You are thrillingly unique.

  © Saliary Röman


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